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Already for nearly 50 years PÜSCHEL follows the modular idea which is constantly optimized.


A by the time comprehensive catalogue for the selection of the modules is available.


The modularity applies to the wide program of the feeding technology with drives, tops and accessories as well as for the extensive program of the handling technology with pneumatical and mechanical modules, separators or grippers.

PÜSCHEL materials handling is already the first step to fully automatic solutions.


Also PÜSCHEL robot solutions in combination with the PÜSCHEL feeding technology result in custom-made cost-effective solutions with system reliability.


PÜSCHEL assembly systems in different specifications always predominantly consist of standardized PÜSCHEL modules of feeding technology and handling technology.

Each individual module out of the PÜSCHEL construction kit is produced Made by PÜSCHEL in high quality and precision.


The program is supplemented by a spectrum of elements out of the aluminium profile system.


Standardized workstation devices extend the modular construction kit and allow the stepwise automation.


All modules are available according to the catalogue as well as you find them in client specific PÜSCHEL solutions for the special purpose machinery manufacture.

Feeding, inserting, screwing, laser and ultrasonic welding, rivetting, checking, measuring, unloading and palleting are the basic elements of this efficient and economical method of manufacture. Naturally, the most varied types of components can be assembled automatically.


PÜSCHEL automatic assembly systems therefore form part of the production facilities of the automotive, electronics, electrical, sanitary, furniture, medical technology and other industries.


The technical and economical decision about using a semi-automatic or a fully automatic system, a rotary indexing system or a linear transfer system is always based upon the synergy of the customer’s production know-how and the assembly know-how of the PÜSCHEL team.

Feeding technology module solutions

Feeding technology standard solutions

Feeding technology

module solutions

PÜSCHEL feeding technology is the basis of the automation of assembly systems and is therefore indispensable.


The precise and cost-effective assembly of products or assembly groups is dependent on the accurate feeding of the required single parts.


The functions bunkering, aligning, orientating, allocating, positioning and inserting have to be processed quick, safe and product gentle.


The standard equipment for many “arranged” parts feedings is the vibratory conveyor, consisting of drive and top. They are provided with an electromagnetic oscillator drive. Sorting elements are designed to workpiece and quantity specifications.


As a reasonable addition we provide:

  • Sound absorbing hoods for noise minimization
  • PUR coatings for parts protection


Linear vibratory conveyors are the ideal supplement to rotary vibratory conveyors. They transport the sorted and correctly orientated parts via feed rails to production lines.


Automation for production requires reliable and most of all, long-term availability of the mass-produced parts. For bulk storage, PÜSCHEL bunker systems with automatically adjustable feed intervals offer a variety of benefits.

PÜSCHEL transfers longtime experience in development and design of feeding technology in high-quality technologies. For this each equipment is coordinated to the part to be feeded. Only this method ensures a correctly orientated and trouble-free flow of all single parts.

PÜSCHEL offers a unique wide spectrum of standard solutions for most different geometries.

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Handling technology

PÜSCHEL Linear units


The pneumatic linear units with one degree of freedom are high-quality standard modules which optimally fulfil the automation of the work piece handling.


Different sizes with different cylinder diameters and cylinder strokes are available. The linear units can be equipped with end position cushionings as well as with end position controls.


Any fitting position is possible.

PÜSCHEL Mechanical handling equipment


The mechanical handling equipment is used for the automation of handling over functions as well. They are driven with a brake gear motor/ servo drive and are used where high cycle times are necessary.


The motion way is fixed by two cams. Shockless start and stop guarantee low noise under load.

Püschel Group - Pneumatische Handhabungsgeräte
Püschel Group - Mechanische Handhabungsgeräte
Püschel Group - Mechanische Handhabungsgeräte
Püschel Group - Module
Püschel Group - Zubehör
Püschel Group - Zubehör
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PÜSCHEL modules


PÜSCHEL modules were developed out of practical experience for the practise of industrial automation.


These modules are not only integrated in PÜSCHEL assembly systems worldwide since some decades.

PÜSCHEL Accessories


Sorting flaps are used for

  • scrap sorting
  • separating of assembled work pieces
  • in connection with counting equipment precise filling of containers.


The cushioning of the flap contact edge reduces the function noises. The flap mechanism is driven pneumatically.




PÜSCHEL Tube clamping systems


High precision tube clamping systems are used for flexible fixing of components and devices for any desired orientation.


A universal construction of clamping and supporting systems is possible with the following elements:

  • flange, cross and base shims
  • ground stands
  • set collars
  • stand tubes

Aluminium profile system

Workstation devices

Our construction kit for profiles in the well-established modular dimensions including the joining technology allows a multitude of application possibilities for the most different requirements.

Standardized workstation devices come out of the basis of this construction kit for profiles. The flexible basic system also allows costumer-made workstation creation with most different accessories.

Robot solutions

Materials handling

The application of innovative and high-performance robot systems allows individual concepts, which are essential for flexible automation.


In combination with PÜSCHEL feeding technology there are a multitude of challenging solutions which are in use in various industries.

The modern production requirements moreover need the realisation of a continuous concept.


With the help of material supply and linking workstations the production can be adapted and configurated to the particular work content.

Püschel Group - Materialfluss-Technik
Püschel Group - Rundtakt-Montageautomaten

Rotary indexing assembly systems

PÜSCHEL rotary indexing assembly systems are an important component of automated processes in form of compact assembly systems. There is a multiple range of application for rotary indexing systems as semiautomatic machine with an operator, as a stand-alone fully automatic machine but also in linked assembly lines in combination with transfer systems the rotary indexing system allows divers applications.

The PÜSCHEL rotary indexing system is a quality product with the following features:


  • solid substructure in steel welding design
  • high-quality PÜSCHEL modules of feeding technology
  • high-quality PÜSCHEL modules of handling technology
  • standard modules for pneumatics and electricity
  • easy approachable and accessible structure
  • central positioning of the operating terminal
  • decentralized positioning of the feeder units for filling on-line
  • protective covering in aluminium design according to the rules for prevention
  • the use of standard modules simplifies the spare parts stock

PÜSCHEL Fully automatic systems

Rotary indexing systems are custom-made with regard to products, product design and production strategies.


That is why PÜSCHEL engineers develop rotary indexing systems in co-operation with the customer, which gives room to product additions and which also allows the production of variants by conversion kits.

PÜSCHEL Semiautomatic systems

If parts geometry, weight and size as well as a risk of damage make an automatic feeding impossible or uneconomical, the semiautomatic rotary indexing system becomes necessary.

A fully automatic processing is secured if the pre-positioning of difficult parts into work piece carriers of the rotary indexing table is performed by an operator.


Light curtains as a protection and switching device represent a high-quality workstation for the operator concerning ergonomics and safety high-quality engineering.

Püschel Group - Längstransfer-Montageautomaten

Linear transfer assembly systems

Communication between individual workstations is a major factor for a trouble-free assembly process. This applies to humans as well as machines. PÜSCHEL linear transfer systems enable the best links between workstations to be created – whether automated, partially automated or manual.


The work pieces are automatically transported on carriers to the individual assembly stations. While the transport system continues to run, the work piece carriers can be stopped and the work pieces can be processed. The technical concept of the transport systems is designed for individual work piece characteristics such as size and weight.

Our customers are found in many industries

Püschel Group - Branchen-Lösungen

PÜSCHEL Pneumatic handling equipment


The pneumatic handling equipment with two degrees of freedom are standard modules for the automation of handling over functions. There are some standard strokes concerning the axes.

The base module is the PÜSCHEL cross head. It makes the module extremely smaller instead of combining two modules with one degree of freedom.


Furthermore this structure allows two different structural shapes. For shorter ways we recommend a foot. For longer ways and higher handling weights the module can be used as a gantry.


The optimal guide proportion guarantees highest precision. The devices can be equipped with end position cushionings and end position controls.

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