Without automation technology, economical production is no longer imaginable. By employing automatic assembly machines,robot and feeder systems, modern production not only gains in so far as production costs are concerned but, more-over, attains a high standard of precision and product quality.


For nearly 50 years PÜSCHEL has stood for the highest standards in assembly automation. We plan, develop, produce, assemble, program and install.


PÜSCHEL Automation systems – right from the beginning in close consultation with the customer. Intensive attention to detail during commissioning and servicing, which is planned from the start of production, are an indispensable part of our customerorientated activity.


PÜSCHEL makes use of its automation know-how – in a large variety of sectors and a futureorientated way.


You get from us completely as requested:

Püschel Group - Blue Competence AwardBlue Competence is a registered trademark. Carrier of Blue Competence is the VDMA.

Blue Competence forms the framework of an initiative which is supported by companies of mechanical engineering. Carrier and participants agree in the belief that a responsible use of natural resources and social responsibility are key aspects of corporate activities. We express this through sustainable products, technologies and processes.


Continuous improvement is the basis for the further development of sustainable solutions.


We act out of conviction

Our motto "Engineering a Better World" is not just lip service.We work out of conviction on making the world better through new solutions – to be more efficient using energy, to develop environmentally friendly products and processes and to optimize them. Energy efficiency is one of the top responsibilities when it comes to sustainability. Finally, energy saving means also conserve resources, reduce costs, reduce environmental pollution.

Bonitätszertifikat CrefoZert 2017


Creditreform hat dem Unternehmen PÜSCHEL Automation GmbH & Co. KG, Lüdenscheid das Creditreform Bonitätszertifikat CrefoZert 2017 verliehen und bescheinigt uns damit eine gute Bonität.


Basis der Zertifizierung ist eine professionelle Jahresabschlussanalyse durch die Creditreform Rating AG, einer BaFin-zertifizierten Tochtergesellschaft der Creditreform AG.


Hinzu kommen die bonitätsrelevanten Daten der aktuellen Wirtschaftsauskunft sowie Einschätzungen zur derzeitigen Situation und den Zukunftsperspektiven des Unternehmens, die in einem persönlichen Risikomanagement-Gespräch auf Geschäftsführungsebene ermittelt werden.

Efficient use of energy is therefore high on the agenda with us. The savings are enormous.


The variety of currently available products requires the use of many materials and methods. No wonder that there is not only one way to maximum resource efficiency, but there are many concepts that are optimized for the respective production tasks.


Sustainability is not a goal in the distant future, but our daily task. Because there is always a better solution. And we want to find and implement. We focus on concrete, practical technologies and products that advance sustainable ideas substantially. And not only these days, but for many years. However, the speed innovations are developed today reach a new dynamic.


Whether it is about economic, environmental or social aspects: We constantly work on forming our future and still find better solutions. Today and every other day.

Bedingungen der Zertifikatsverleihung


  • Der Creditreform Bonitätsindex muss einen Wert zwischen 100 und 249 aufweisen.
  • Das Creditreform Rating muss eine Bilanzbonität von CR1-CR8 haben.
  • Die Jahresabschlussanalyse muss auf Basis von Jahresabschlüssen erfolgen, die jünger als 10 Monate ab Erstellung der Bilanz sind.
  • Die kompakte Befragung des Unternehmens hinsichtlich der aktuellen Situation und der Zukunftsperspektiven lässt keine maßgeblichen Bonitätsrisiken erkennen.


Creditreform ist mit 130 Gesellschaften in Deutschland und 22 Landesgesellschaften weltweit vertreten. Es werden ca. 16. Mio. Wirtschaftsauskünfte jährlich erteilt.

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